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Meth Mob Coronavirus – Things You Should Know


We understand the fear and concern surrounding this recent outbreak of Covid-19 and want to put your mind at ease. We are still working as normal, cleaning your homes and ridding the world of Meth Contamination one home at a time. Here are some important things you should know:

1. By reason of the work we are in, we already have the safest and most thorough protections available to keep you and your loved ones safe. It’s what we do.

2. Our products disinfect and provide a safe environment of you, your loved ones and or staff.

3. As always, our staff will be wearing masks, gloves and suits in your home, office or business. We do this not only for our protection, but for our clients protection as well.

4. We ask that all quotes and bids be requested via Email or phone, as we are trying to cut down the amount of face to face exposure as requested by government policies.

We wish you all a safe and prosperous year. For your convenience, we have added an online quote form below. Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions and concerns. Thank you.

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