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Facts you didn’t know about Meth

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Meth is a drug that has overtaken a lot of American lives. It is best to know the true facts about meth so you can be informed and stay away from this detrimental drug. We at Meth Mob have gathered some facts you might not have known about meth below.

Meth is a Homemade Drug

While most drugs are made out of the country and then distributed illegally, meth is a homemade drug. Meth is typically produced in clandestine meth labs, many of which are operated in kitchens or basements in suburban houses or apartments. Many people live right next door to a meth lab and have no idea.

Meth Labs are Explosive

The creation of methamphetamine involves combining highly volatile chemicals. Even minor mistakes in handling these chemicals can cause a violent reaction that results in an explosion. In many cases, meth lab explosions will cause major house fires, and will typically leave those involved with severe thermal and chemical burns. That is why it is critical to alert the proper authorities if you suspect a meth lab in your neighborhood.

You may be Living in a Former Meth Lab

Many individuals may be living in a former meth lab and not even know it. The carpet and walls are likely to be deeply contaminated by chemical spills and the release of toxic vapors. An evaluation of symptoms you may have after living in the home and a test can determine if there was a presence of meth in your home. We at Meth Mob will then begin the process of getting rid of all of the contaminated areas of your home. This is necessary to the health and well-being of all of your family members.

Ingredients of Meth

The primary ingredient of meth is in fact pseudoephedrine, which is commonly found in over-the-counter decongestants. Pseudoephedrine may be the primary ingredient in methamphetamine, but it is not the only one. Other ingredients used to produce meth include, Battery acid, Drain cleaner, Lantern fuel, and Anti-freeze.

Meth Interferes with your Brain

Meth works by artificially causing the brain to release massive quantities of dopamine, as well as blocking the natural reuptake of the chemical. As a result, the brain is bathed in dopamine, potentially causing the user to feel happy. With repeated use, however, the body builds up a tolerance, and the brain begins to adjust to compensate for this interference, so that the person can no longer feel normal without using the drug and rapidly loses the ability to get high.

Meth is known to ruin lives. Knowing the facts about meth can help you in making the right decision and avoiding this horrible drug all-together. If you suspect your home or someone in your neighborhood has been affected from previous or current meth labs make sure you contact the proper authorities and schedule a thorough cleaning with Meth Mob.

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