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To Grandma’s House We Go

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Is there anything better than going to Grandma’s house for the holidays?  We all have cherished memories of the wonderful Thanksgiving feasts, the family gatherings and so much more.  Grandparents are wonderful.  While most of us have fond memories of those days there is another side of the coin that is perhaps not so warm and fuzzy.

Given the caring nature of most grand parents, they often take wayward grandchildren into their home as well.  Consider this scenario,

An older grand child takes advantage of the naive nature of his grandparents and sets up a meth lab in the basement, knowing the grandparents will never come down there; their feeble condition prohibits it.  Safe and secure in his downstairs lair, the man continues cooking meth until one day it all goes wrong.  In an unexpected turn of events, the highly volatile chemicals react in a blazing explosion that sets the basement on fire, giving the man 3rd degree burns over most of his body.  Luckily the grandparents, who were upstairs were able to escape the inferno.  The home will probably be repaired but what of the Meth contamination?

Think this is an unlikely and far fetched scenario?  Think again. This actually happened in Louisville Kentucky.

Man Catches Fire To Grandparents Hometo grandma's house we go

Oh that’s in Kentucky, you’d expect something like that there.  We live in Utah, we’re immune to such things, right?  Wrong again.  Just check out these stories.  WARNING:  Might cause nightmares.

Case Scenario #2

Man made meth in grandma’s house

to grandma's house we go

This happened in Monticello Utah.  There isn’t a more rural town in Utah.  This guy was only caught because there was a garage break-in reported at the residence.  Police found the guy crawling out of a basement window.  Inside they found not one, but multiple meth labs established.  The grandparents were probably out of town at the time, or simply oblivious.  Imagine that house coming up for sale on the market.

“Gently used home, owned by elderly grandparents.  Priced to sell.”


Grandparents Take On Responsibility For Meth Grandchildren

There is another side to this problem, more and more children are being raised by their grandparents due to the Meth abuse of their parents.  This gives the “Golden Years” a whole new meaning.  Take a moment to see the devastating consequences of parental neglect on this grandmother, now tasked with raising 11 grandchildren on her own.  All because the parents are too strung out on meth to do so themselves.


Regardless of the reasons, more than ever you need to request a Meth inspection of any property you plan on renting or purchasing.  No longer can you take comfort in the fact that it may have been owned by an elderly couple who were loving grandparents.  Doing so places you and your loved ones at risk.  For more information or to schedule a meth inspection, simply call the professionals at Meth Mob Decontamination Specialists.   Or you can call them at:

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