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Why You Need A Meth Cleanup Specialist

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Why You Need A Meth Cleanup Specialist

Why a meth cleanup specialist?  Well, let’s say you’ve found out that your home has tested positive for Meth contamination.  Well you’re not alone.  There are estimates that upwards of 30% of the homes along the Wasatch Front in Utah have some form of Meth contamination.  Perhaps you’ve decided that you can handle the problem yourself.  Before you tackle what could potentially be the most dangerous task of your life, let us layout some of the obstacles you will be facing.

Cleaning a Meth Contaminated environment is not as easy as it sounds.  Having worked for over 6 years in this industry, we know a thing or two about what you are up against.  Here then are a few things to consider before you jump into what could be a hazardous cleanup.

When cleaning a Meth contaminated space, the first concern has to be for your health and safety.  The possible contaminants you will be dealing with are potentially lethal.

Toxins Associated With Methamphetamine Contamination

meth cleanup meth mob decontamination specialists
Chemical Hazards
Pseudoephedrine Ingestion of doses greater than 240 mg causes hypertension, arrhythmia, anxiety, dizziness, and vomiting. Ingestion of doses greater than 600 mg can lead to renal failure and seizures.
Acetone/ ethyl alcohol  Extremely flammable, posing a fire risk in and around the laboratory. Inhalation or ingestion of these solvents causes severe gastric irritation, narcosis, or coma.
Freon Inhalation can cause sudden cardiac arrest or severe lung damage. It is corrosive if ingested.
Anhydrous ammonia A colorless gas with a pungent, suffocating odor. Inhalation causes edema of the respiratory tract and asphyxia. Contact with vapors damages eyes and mucous membranes.
Red phosphorus May explode as a result of contact or friction. Ignites if heated above 260° C. Vapor from ignited phosphorus severely irritates the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes.
Hypophosphorous acid Extremely dangerous substitute for red phosphorus. If overheated, deadly phosphine gas is released. Poses a serious fire and explosion hazard.
Lithium metal Extremely caustic to all body tissues. Reacts violently with water and poses a fire or explosion hazard.
Hydriodic acid A corrosive acid with vapors that are irritating to the respiratory system, eyes, and skin. If ingested, causes severe internal irritation and damage that may cause death.
Iodine crystals Give off vapor that is irritating to respiratory system and eyes. Solid form irritates the eyes and may burn skin. If ingested, cause severe internal damage.


Ingestion of doses greater than 75 mg causes hypertension, arrhythmia, anxiety, and dizziness. Quantities greater than 300 mg can lead to renal failure, seizures, stroke, and death.

Source: DEA Office of Diversion Control.


Preparing For A Meth Cleanup Project?  Well, Get Ready For The Workout Of Your Life?

Meth cleanup is not easy task.  Imagine scrubbing every inch of your home, floor, ceilings and walls.  How long would that take?  Now take that times three and that is the level of clean you need to achieve to rid your home of Meth Contamination.

“No Problem”, you say.  “I’ll just get my local Boy Scout troop to come over and clean.

Nope, sorry but the Utah state law mandates that the only entities legally allowed to clean a Meth contaminated environment are:

  1. The legal owner of the property
  2. A certified decontamination specialist

To do this job right, you are going to also clean inside all the AC venting and ductwork as well as the furnace.  Hope you have a HEPA vacuum you can attach to the furnace to create negative back pressure, You’ll need that for sure.

Perhaps you have one, then prepare yourself for the scrubbing and cleaning of your ventilation system.  That part alone should make you rethink any plans of cleaning the problem yourself.

meth cleanup meth mob decontamination specialists

What About Cleaning Materials?

More bad news here I’m afraid.  The toxic chemicals associated with Meth contamination are not like the dust that collects on your shelves.  These toxins were in vapor form and able to penetrate deep into carpet, floors, walls and ceilings.  In fact, studies show that simply using meth one time can cause significant contamination to structural surfaces.  Imagine what prolonged exposure would do.

To do a meth cleanup project right, you are going to have to procure some special cleaning agents that are designed to clean these specific hazardous contamination situations.  You can expect that they won’t be cheap.  More costs you probably haven’t planned for.  About now, you might be rethinking your DIY project.

Hope You’re Handy With Tools!

METH CLEANUP meth mob decontamination specialists

The fact of the matter is this: hard surfaces such as tile, cement and some hardwoods may be able to be cleaned without ripping them out.  However, walls with their inherently porous drywall are ideal sponges to soak up the hazardous vapors created by Meth production and use.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply slap a coat of paint over the top and call it good.  The first step in the meth cleanup process is to ascertain the level of contamination in the walls.  If it has permeated through the drywall, a total decontamination is necessary.  This means multiple cleansing scrubs and testing to see if contamination is withing tolerable limits.  Carpet can’t simply be cleaned either.  It will need to be totally replaced, along with any underlayment.
Ceilings will need to be cleaned as well, especially if there is contamination found. Oh ya, then there’s the heating and A/C vents, ducting and pipes.

Do you have duct cleaning whips and hoses to ensure the HVAC and all ducting and cold air returns are decontaminated?  Remember, you can’t use just any old vacuum.  You have to create negative airway pressure to insure the contamination does not leak back into cleaned areas.  Of course you still have to put in the manual labor as discussed above.

Oh and finally, there is the final testing.  Yep, your home must be tested to make sure it is under the state limit for contamination. That testing must be done by a Certified Decontamination Specialist.

But if you’re going to do that…

STOP! There’s a Better Way

Instead of tackling a meth cleanup project yourself, why not call a professional and save both time and money.  Meth Mob Decontamination Specialists have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.  They can rid your home of the dangerous contamination and leave it looking better than before.

At Meth Mob Decontamination Specialists, we don’t stop until your home is contaminate free.  For a free quote call (801) 318-1583 or simply visit our website at… well you know where if you’re reading this blog.  Meth Mob, You’re best defense against Meth contamination.

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