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Do you have Meth Contamination in Your New Home

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Is Meth Contamination

In Your Future Home ?

5 Essential Things Every Homebuyer Should Know

Because of Meth Contamination, buying a home or property today is nothing like it used to be in the good old days. Today the threats of chemical contamination are real and could spell disaster to the uninformed potential homebuyer. We are not suggesting that every home you look at is a potential Meth Contaminated home, but due to the extremely dangerous consequences of exposure to these harmful contaminants, it is wise to be informed.  First, let’s separate the fact from the fiction concerning Meth and its associated contaminants.

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If you are purchasing a high-end home you don’t have to worry about Meth Contamination.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Methamphetamine abuse has become so pervasive that it reaches to every level of the economic and social strata. There are numerous documented cases involving lawyers, dentists, doctors and other high-end professions operating Meth Labs out of their up-scale townhouses and lavish homes. Avoid generalized classifications and look for the signs.

meth contamination

The previous owners only smoked Meth they didn’t manufacture it, so we are fine.

Wrong. The truth is that the residue from meth use coats the walls, furniture, floors and anything else in close proximity. Simply brushing against contaminated surfaces can expose you to the harmful effects. Those most at risk are infants and children crawling on contaminated surfaces such as wood floors or carpeting.

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 If this were a Meth house I’d know it by the smell.

While it is true that on rare occasions there may be a lingering odor associated with meth contamination, by far the majority of cases are just the opposite. Meth contamination is usually invisible and odorless. Only a certified inspection will reveal its presence.

Now that we have cleared those misconceptions, let’s address the bigger issue. How can you know if a prospective home or property is tainted by Meth residue? The quick answer is, you can’t. That being said, there are some warning signs that you can be aware of that will prompt you to seek a professional inspection. Here are a few tips for the savvy real estate investor or potential property owner.


meth contamination homeworkTip 1 – Do Your Homework

You wouldn’t buy a used car without looking under the hood and taking it to a mechanic would you? Well the same holds true for real estate investments. Before you buy a property you should alway check the property out. Call local law enforcement to see if the property has been involved in suspicious activity.

Tip 2 – Pay For A Meth Test Of Your Property

If you are already using a home inspector ask if they have experience in meth testing. If so pay the additional money for the test. For a meth

test only contact Meth Mob Decontamination Specialists, we offer same day meth testing. Bottom line it is cheaper to know in the beginning than to put you, your family and pets at a risk in the long run.

meth contamination DEA imageTip 3 – Check With The Drug Enforcement Agency

The DEA maintains a helpful list known as the NATIONAL CLANDESTINE LABORATORY REGISTER This registry lists all the know meth lab homes and properties by state. It provides the property’s location by city, state and address as well as the date of the meth lab discovery.

Tip 4 – Talk With The Neighborsmeth contamination talking

If anyone knows the history of a property it will be the neighbors. Often you can find out a lot of information about the comings and goings of visitors, Strange trash habits, and unusual sights and sounds associated with the home or property.

signs of meth use, misc. damageTip 5 – Look for the signs

Granted, often the obvious signs of meth lab problems will be covered up by the seller of the property but there are a few things that might raise a red flag such as:

  1. Terrible landscaping – Meth users have only one priority, earning enough money to score their next fix. Things like yardwork, and similar upkeep simply don’t matter to them.
  2. Beware of low cost foreclosure properties – There is usually a reason a property is low cost, just make sure the reason isn’t because of meth contamination.
  3. Anger Damage – Meth addicts often have violent episodes and the home is usually on the receiving end of those tirades. Look for excessive holes in walls, doors, and other similar damage.
  4. Signs of Neglect – If the carpets are heavily stained with dirt and such this should raise a red flag. Perhaps the walls have paint peeling, or wallpaper ripped off. These are all indications that you may need an inspection of the home.

In conclusion, just because these signs are present does not mean the property is a poor investment, it merely suggests that you take precautions and hire a certified and licensed professional to inspect for meth decontamination. Then, after the problem has been remedied, you can enjoy your property knowing it will be safe for your family, co-workers or whoever else may be visiting.

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