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How to Recognize a Possible Meth Lab in your Neighborhood

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Have you been noticing suspicious behavior in or around your house and neighborhood lately? Could this possibly be due to a local meth lab? We at Meth Mob want you to be aware of all the signs of a possible meth lab so you can contact the proper authorities. Below are some aspects to help you in recognizing a possible meth lab in your neighborhood.

· Frequent visitors at all times of the day or night

· Activity at the house is usually at odd hours or late at night.

· Occupants appear unemployed, yet seem to have plenty of money and pay bills with cash.

· Occupants are unfriendly, appear secretive about activities.

· Occupants watch cars suspiciously when they pass by.

· Occupants display a paranoid or odd behavior.

· Extensive security at the home or signs that indicate “Private Property” or “Beware of Dog”, fences, large shrubs, bushes and trees.

· Windows blackened or curtains always drawn.

· Occupants go outside the house to smoke cigarettes.

· Chemical odors coming from the house, garbage or detached buildings.

· Coffee filters, bed sheets or other material stained from filtering red phosphorus or other chemicals.

· Occupants sets his garbage for pick up in another neighbor’s collection area.

· Evidence of chemical or waste dumping (i.e. burn pits, or “dead spots” in the yard.)

· What others in your neighborhood have observed.

The aspects listed above could be tell-tale signs of a possible meth lab. While you may suspect there to be a meth lab you need to make sure you let the proper authorities handle the situation. Call your local police department to express your concerns and some of the signs and behaviors that you have noticed. Do not try and be your own detective and pry into your neighbors business to find proof. It is always best to let the authorities handle the situation. For more tips regarding the dangers of meth and how we at meth mob can clean out a home that was previously a meth lab, check out our blog and our website.

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