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Shake and bake Not Just For Chicken Anymore

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Gone are the old days of Shake and Bake being associated with the making of fried chicken. (A throwback reference to the 60’s). Today a different and far more lethal meaning is associated with that phrase.

Perhaps it was inevitable, after all those addicted to Meth Amphetamine are insatiable in their desire. Today many are turning to a new form of Meth production called “The Shake and Bake Method”. We draw attention to these new phenomena only by way of a warning voice to dispel the myths and bring the true dangers of this method to light.

What is “Shake and Bake” you ask? It is the latest in Meth Amphetamine production. Shake-and-bake meth is made by combining unstable ingredients in a 2-liter soda bottle and then shaking the bottle to start the reaction. However, one tiny mistake can create an explosion, and the potential for disaster isn’t reserved just for those making the drugs. Read more HERE.

Think this doesn’t sound dangerous? Here are a few other examples where folks thought the same.

Five Fools In A Ford

On a dark night in Lake Worth, Texas. Five teens are out for a night of fun and experimentation. As they sit in the car one of them combines the necessary ingredients into a small 2-liter bottle while sitting in the back seat. By themselves, these chemicals are dangerous enough but when combined you have what is equivalent to a ticking time bomb.

Amid the cheers and raucous laughter, the lethal mixture is finally ready and the unwitting fool gives the bottle a good shake. There are oohs and ahs as the concoction begins to bubble and then build in pressure. A tiny flame appears in the bottle as the chemical reaction heads toward its zenith.

Faster than it takes to draw a breath, the process takes a deadly turn. The pressure, being too great for the container, explodes in a deadly shower of fire, caustic chemicals and of course screams. In seconds, searing heat and flames engulf the five teenagers inside the car. As they desperately try to escape their metal prison, the fire continues is grisly work. They are left with 3rd degree burns over 70% of their bodies.shake and bake

To add insult to injury, the police plan to file felony narcotics charges against all five teenagers, after they recover enough to stand trial that is. All this leaves the outside observer to ask, Was it worth it? (Channel 5 news, Lake Worth, Texas)

If this incident were the exception, then we might have reason to dismiss this accident as just bad luck. Unfortunately, it is not the exception.

Here are some disturbing facts:

By 2010, about 80 percent of labs busted by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration were using shake-and-bake recipes, said Pat Johnakin, a DEA agent specializing in meth. (Huffington Post)

Dr. David Greenhalgh, past president of the American Burn Association and director of the burn center at the University of California, Davis said,

“They’ll (Meth Burn Victims) say they were working on the carburetor at 2 or 3 in the morning and things blew up. So we don’t know for sure, but 25 to 35 percent of our patients are meth-positive when we check them.”

Researchers at the University of Iowa found that people burned while making meth typically have longer hospital stays and more expensive bills as compared to other burn victims and that the costs for their treatment is frequently absorbed by the hospital since a vast majority of the meth-makers lack insurance. (Huffington Post)

This unlucky teen found out the hard way that “Shake and Bake” meth can ruin you for life.

Now More Than Ever!

While this is extremely disturbing, you as a potential homeowner should be particularly concerned. This portable Meth making process means that more and more incidents of meth production are going to be surfacing. No longer is the threat confined to low income homes in seedy neighborhoods, it is happening all over. Don’t take chances. Have any potential property you plan on purchasing inspected for Methamphetamine production contamination. We cannot assume any more we must know our homes are clean. For a quick and affordable Meth Contamination inspection, call your friends at Meth Mob Decontamination Specialists. Call us at: (801)318-1583 We’ll take it from there.

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