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Know the Signs of Meth Use

Buyer beware, know the signs of Meth use.  When you are purchasing, renting or leasing a property, it is very important to be on the lookout for telltale signs of possible meth contamination.  Some of the images included here will be overt examples of meth use and others more subtle signs.  All are important to recognize.

signs of meth use, misc. damage

“But that just looks like my son’s room” you say?  While it’s true that damage to walls, door frames and carpet could simply be the result of an out of control child, more often than not, these are true warning signs that meth may have been involved.   Regardless of whether meth was or wasn’t used here, part of knowing the signs of Meth use is to be aware and suspicious, should you come upon these types of situations.

Signs of meth use

Locks and deadbolts on bedroom doors are a real red flag.  They indicate someone didn’t want to be disturbed.  These types of locking devices are unusual for homes and rental properties, at least in private bedrooms and bathrooms.

signs of meth use

If you see door repairs like this, there can only be one reason.  The door was forcibly kicked in to gain entry.  We’ve all seen the cop shows, we know the ramifications of this.  While it may be an innocent reason for the repair, it is still an indicator to be aware of.

signs of meth meth paraphynalia

Okay, you are not likely to see things like this lying around but recognizing them is important.  These are the tools of the trade, as it were.  By the way, if you do see things like this lying around, the question of meth use becomes self evident.

signs of meth use old porch

Not every old living space was once used as a meth lab.  However, given the age and condition of this area, it definitely raises suspicions.  Remember, if you suspect something, it is safer to test before you buy.

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