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Is A Super Villain Lurking in Your Home?

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There is no question that the current housing market is one of the most robust the nation has seen in years.  Home buyers face a difficult challenge just to be in the bidding on homes they want.  Often, sellers enjoy a bidding war for their property that escalates the price far higher than their original asking price.

In this frantic market, it is easy to let some precautions slide in your zeal to land the perfect home.  However, before you make that all too important purchase, listen to one family’s painful story.

For privacy’s sake, we’ll call this family the Smith Family.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith were the average middle-class home buying family.  Mr. Smith’s recent job promotion meant the family could finally get the dream home they had been planning on for years.  Indeed, the home was a gorgeous find.  A beautiful two story brick home with a three-car garage sitting on almost an acre of wooded land.

A Real Case Example


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At the time of closing, they were ecstatic at the prospects of moving into their dream mansion.  Finally, moving day arrived and they settled into their new home.  Shortly after, however, their dream became a nightmare.

For some unexplained reason, their children were constantly sick and unable to sleep.  At first, they thought it might be due to the change in neighborhoods, or possibly the new school their children attended.  Unfortunately, the problems did not improve, in fact, they became worse.

One day, while Mrs. Smith was watering a tree in her front yard, a neighbor came walking up to her,

“Hello, my name is Mrs. Cravetz, I’m your neighbor, over there”,  she said, pointing to a home a few doors away.

“How do you like your new home?”

“Oh, it’s fine”, replied Mrs. Smith.  “Why do you ask?”

Mrs. Cravetz suddenly looked worried as she glanced left and then right.  Moving closer she said, in a hushed voice,

Mind you, I’m not one to pry into others business.  Abner, my husband can tell you that.  It’s just… well, it’s about the guy who used to live here”,  again she paused to look around, fearful of others hearing her.

What about him?” asked Mrs. Smith.

“Oh, he was an odd sort, you know, coming and going at all hours, and the people, don’t get me started!”

It’s a little late for that, thought Mrs. Smith.

In a slightly exasperated voice she said,

“Well, what about the people?”

“Well it’s not my place to say mind you, but since you asked, they were queer folk, that’s all I can say.  They would drive up, honk and then just sit there until Mr. Hooper, that was the man’s name, came out.  He’d walk to the car, stay there about a minute or so, and then go back in the house.  Then the car would drive off.  It was strange I tell ya.”

A sudden feeling of panic began to sweep over Mrs. Smith as she said,

“Go on.”

“Well, one day I saw him out walking his dog, so I said hello.  He was friendly enough, said hi back and even stopped for a chat.  Anyway, we became friends and one day he said something that was so strange.  When I asked him what he did for a living, he said he worked out of his home.  He said he ran a “Smoke Shop” out of his bathroom and then gave me this creepy grin.  I stopped talking to him after that, I decided to just mind my own business.”

After the neighbor left, Mrs. Smith telephoned her husband and after talking with him, they decided to have a Methamphetamine test conducted on the home.

The test revealed meth levels three times the legal limit.  At last the mystery was solved, unfortunately, for the Smiths, their dream home was condemned and they were left living in a small rental apartment until the problem could be resolved.

How Could This Happen?

The glaring truth is that this happens all too often.  While it is true that the possibility of meth contamination must be reported to the proper authorities and disclosed to all potential buyers, the reality is, often this does not happen.  The reasons are numerous.  Here are a few:


  • super villain lurkingThe seller could be the one who contaminated the property, which is a felony of course.  Criminals seldom disclose their illegal acts in order to sell a property.
  • super villain lurkingIf the home were a rental property, perhaps the property owners were unaware of their tenants illegal activities, and did not bother to have the home tested.
  • super villain lurkingIt might have been a vacant property and others conducted the illegal activity without the owner’s knowledge.

Regardless of the reason, it falls on the home buyer to do their due diligence.  “Caveat Emptor”  translated means, buyer beware.  Many advocates are now pushing their lawmakers to enact laws requiring all homes undergo a mandatory Meth Testing process prior to the property sale to ensure safety for all potential buyers.   With the cost of such a test being so reasonable, it makes good sense for upholding public safety.  

The Bottom Line

Don’t wait for your lawmakers to enact a bill to protect your family.  If you are planning a new purchase of a home or property, demand the seller provide a Meth Testing Certificate before you sign on the dotted line.  It’s your right and your family’s health.  It’s too important not to ask and demand it.  Meth Mob Decontamination Specialists can help you to know your rights as a potential homeowner.  For more information please contact us.  Or Call:  (801) 318-1583  We are eager to help

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