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What Happens In Utah, Stays In Utah

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What happens in Utah, stays in utah… Well, Meth happens in Utah! 

For a long time, you have been hearing us proclaim from the rooftops that Meth Contamination is a serious issue in Utah.  Perhaps the fact that we have been so vocal about this topic has led to others in the state taking notice.  While we are not so naive as to believe that our efforts alone have moved any great opinion shift, we do feel that combined with all the other credible warning voices, our concerns are finally taking center stage.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the most recent news article in the Daily Herald, a wholly owned division of Ogden Newspapers.  The Daily Herald covers news, events and happenings across Utah County.  With a circulation base of over 36,000, it carries a formidable following.   So it comes as no surprise to us that our most passionate cause has taken center stage in their Friday edition newspaper dated July 14, 2018.

Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Unfortunately, articles such as these are becoming more and more frequent in headline news.  Where Utah once was almost foreign to these types of news stories, today they almost seem to be a weekly or even daily occurrence.  For Example, the following news stories transpired in just the past few months.

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what happens in utah News article 1what happens in utah news article 2what happens in utah news article 3

What’s a Body to Do?
MethMob Decontamination Specialists has been battling this meth epidemic for over five years now and we’ve learned a thing or two.


The first priority has to be educating yourself about the pervasive problem that is Meth Contamination.  To do so you may have to discard some long held beliefs and misconceptions, such as:

That sort of thing can’t happen in my area.
I live in an upscale area not the slums, we’re safe.
If there were a problem, the previous owner would have told us.
Those things get reported to the police, we’d have known if there were a problem.



This Can’t Happen In My Neighborhood…

Perhaps ten years ago, we might have agreed with this train of thought, however, with the advent of newer production methods, not to mention the highly dangerous “Shake & Bake” process of creating meth, these kinds of statements couldn’t be further from the truth.  The reality is, contamination from Meth production has invaded every social strata and income level.  Rich kids, poor kids, kids that climb on rocks; big kids, sissy kids even kids with chickenpox are  looking to get a thrill by creating meth in their bedrooms or in the basements with materials available over the counter.  The fact that the meth creation process is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal doesn’t seem to phase them.  While adults used to be the main demographic trafficking in Meth, now the epidemic crosses every age, social and income demographic.

Knowledge is your best weapon.  Know the warning signs of meth contamination and then get an inspection by a qualified state certified inspector.


If there were a problem, Surely the Seller Would Have Told Us About it…

In a perfect world you would be right.  Unfortunately, many factors enter into the real estate transaction, not the least of which is greed.  Are you going to risk the

safety of yourself and your family on the mistaken belief that your seller was forthcoming about the property he sold?  What if they didn’t even know about the meth contamination?  It isn’t always a case of blatant misrepresentation.  There is a applicable latin phrase that you should know… Caveat Emptor!   Loosely translated it means, “Buyer Beware”.

Luckily Help is as Close as Your Phone

At MethMob Decontamination Specialists, all we do is deal with Meth Contamination.  We know how to spot it, tag it and then get rid of it.  You owe it to yourself to get all the facts about Methamphetamine Contamination.  Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you may have.  We’re more than happy to do so.  Education is what we are all about.  Call Today – (801) 318-1583


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